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Anatomy in Motion

Anatomy in Motion (AiM) is a powerful methodology which uses gait analysis and movement assessment  to understand why the body is in pain. It was created by Gary Ward who developed a model to be able to analyse what each joint in the body is doing at each phase of the gait cycle. It is a whole body approach that is invaluable in understanding and  resolving ongoing issues.

How can AiM help me?

Watching how you walk and move can be the key to unlocking the cause of your symptoms, particularly in cases of re-occurring injury or longstanding pain. Using a combination of assessment techniques we can quickly identify weak links, faulty movement patterns and compensations in your body that may be driving your symptoms. Often these can be far away from your site of pain.

How does it work?

I  will watch and video you walk/run to analyse how you move and ask you to perform certain movements to help form a complete picture. I will then use a combination of manual therapy, movement and exercise to get you moving better. There will always be a small component of ‘homework’ which is necessary to create lasting changes.

Who is it for?

AiM is extremely effective for anyone suffering ongoing pain or re-occuring injury.

More information on this approach can be found at Finding Centre

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